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Thanks to:

- Jae-hyeon Park reported a bug in the implementation of 
  multiplication operator for complex<T> * Matrix<complex<T> >.

- Chris Hennes, reported missing TVMET_HAS_IEE_MATH arround isnan,
  isinf, finite.

- Server Levent Yilmaz, he reported some inconsistency on Fcnl_not
  missing function on tracing an expression.

- Oleg Trott for reporting needless semicolons.

- Fredrik Hedman for reporting some misstakes in usage docs.

- Kristian Spangsege, he got a better description regarding the
  thread safity of tvmet.

- Alexei Sheplyakov reported a bug inside the matrix expressions
  using elementwise operations and others.

- Robi Carnecky for his report on success using MS VC 7.1 and
  reporting missing typename keyword inside CommaInitializer.h
  and others.

- Krzysiek Goj found a bug inside the swap functions and
  reported problems on calling functions in wrong namespace.

- Claudia Bertram for reporting a bug by printing a zero
  elements matrix.

- Julian Cummings for his help on supporting complex types and
  some other comments on tvmet.

- Alex V. Frolov found inconsistens on typepromotion used.

- David J. C. Beach, thanks! He checked the grammar and spelling
  of tvmet's documents. Further more, he gave me hints for
  any/all_elements and eval.

- David Sarrut for correction on the matrix column access bug.

- Holger Spiess, for his testing on real application (FEM), reporting
  problems and conversations.

- Erik Kruus, he found a bug inside tvmet.m4.

- George Schnurer for his suggestions and help concerning the licensing
  and the need to an addendum to it.

- Laurent Plagne, the author of the BTL, for his testing and comparing
  tvmet against other libs and others.

- Jörg Walter about using uBlas faster assuming alias free operations.
  Further more for his great conversation about benchmarking and others,

- Jörg Barfurth from de.compl.lang.iso-c++ for his help on instance
  problems with templates occoured on regressions test.

- Michael Kochetkov and Tom from comp.lang.c++ for help on namespace
  problems. Now I know more about Koenig lookup and the problems due
  too 8)

- Darin DeForest, he found a nasty bug inside the regression tests.