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Future works

A good library is never complete.

Here are some points which I hope to cover in the future:

  1. more regression tests (bit operations are missing, not all functions and type promotion are tested) and examples (temporary the regression test can act as examples). The problems with the regression tests actually used is, that they does not follow mathematical, strong logical guide lines to cover all possible cases.
  2. write more examples, the regression test should not act as examples.
  3. better support for std::complex type.
  4. add functions like
  5. System V math support on linux seems to be incomplete
  6. better compiler support
  7. Interface to other numerical libraries as uBlas, BLAS, and LAPACK.

Maybe, there will be a tvmet2. Some of the features mentioned above will require a redesign of tvmet. With this new design tvmet can better handle special matrices, like banded, symmetric or triangular matrices etc. Furthermore, sparse tiny vectors and matrices are easy to implement, as well as an allocator concept for re-sizable containers.

The priority depends on the Projects using tvmet as well as the support from the community - please support tvmet.