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Download, Configuration, Build and Installation of the library


Download tvmet

You can download tvmet here. For the regression tests you will need CppUnit. While these tests are not mandatory, they are recommended.

For the API documentation you will also need doxygen, maybe you want a graphical class hierarchy, class graph etc you need the 'dot' tool of GraphViz to draw the miscellaneous graphs.

Configure tvmet on unix

See the INSTALL file for general informations.

NEW Starting with tvmet version 1.5.0 the configuration options has been changed!

This affects the compiler optimization options. Machine specific compiler flags are switched on as well. The TVMET_OPTIMIZE symbol is defined, which uses the gcc's __attribute__((always_inline)).

Enables debugging mode for tvmet. This affects the compiler options and preprocessor definitions. The TVMET_DEBUG symbol is defined. If you compile tvmet from another source directory which defines DEBUG, then TVMET_DEBUG will be not defined (This behavior differs from release less than 0.6.0). Please have a look at the Debugging the code section of the FAQ.

This affects the compiler warning options. The warning level is on a high level for default!

Enables generation of API documentation using doxygen. If the configure scripts founds the GraphViz 'dot' tool it will be used. Further more an PDF file of the API will be generated using doxygen too.

Uses LaTeX non-stop mode for generating the PDF file of tvmet's API documentation.

Disables the regression/unit test. For these tests you need an installed CppUnit.

Set the C++ compiler to compiler and options. The known compiler are the GNU g++ (default), Intel icc, Kai C++ KCC, Portland Group C++ pgCC. Please have a look at the Compiler Support page.

Build and Installation of tvmet on unix

The build target for make are:

Makes tvmet ready for installation.

Makes the documentation using doxygen. Depends on the options given to the configure script, the documentation are HTML and PDF/LaTeX.

Build and run the regression tests (needs CppUnit).

Installs tvmet.

Do you really want this? :-)

Further more inside the examples directory there is the target:

Build tvmet's examples.

At this date the example directory contains simple examples for matrix, vector and matrix-vector operations. Further more some sources which shows the use for expression tree printing (expands the expression tree used).

Files will be installed in the following directories:

Default value for prefix is /usr/local but you may change it with --prefix option to the configure script (see above).

Build and Installation of tvmet on MS Windows

First, the windows version used doesn't matter - the compiler is your tool. The compiler has to understand the high level C++ style of tvmet.

Second, tvmet comes with pre-configured files for the windows compiler. Therefore you don't need to follow the configure and build procedure. An exception is the cygwin and MinGW environment since they emulate the unix environment on windows - they follow the unix style process therefore.

Well, simply copy the tvmet source tree complete or only the include directory to a location of your choice and include the path to your compiler environment. Thats all.

To build the regression tests it's on your own to build support for cppunit and create the appropriate sub-project. tvmet does not deliver Microsoft Visual Studio project files.

If of interest the config file for Visual Studio can be found on tvmet/config/config-vc71.h. There are all compiler quirks and defines needed.

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