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tvmet Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
tvmet::AliasProxy< E >Assign proxy for alias Matrices and Vectors
tvmet::AutopromoteTraits< T >The promoted types traits
tvmet::AutopromoteTraits< bool >
tvmet::AutopromoteTraits< char >
tvmet::AutopromoteTraits< short int >
tvmet::AutopromoteTraits< short unsigned int >
tvmet::AutopromoteTraits< unsigned char >
tvmet::BinaryFunctionalBase class for all binary functions
tvmet::CommaInitializer< Obj, LEN >Initialize classes using a comma separated lists
tvmet::CommaInitializer< Obj, LEN >::Initializer< T, N >Helper fo recursive overloaded comma operator
CompileTimeErrorCompile Time Assertation classes
CompileTimeError"tvmet/CompileTimeError.h" Specialized Compile Time Assertation for successfully condition
tvmet::CompileTimeError< true >
dispatchClass helper to distuingish between e.g
dispatch"tvmet/TvmetBase.h" specialized
dispatch"tvmet/TvmetBase.h" specialized
tvmet::dispatch< false >
tvmet::dispatch< true >
tvmet::Extremum< T1, T2, Tag >Generell class for storing extremums determined by min/max
tvmet::Extremum< T1, T2, matrix_tag >
tvmet::Extremum< T1, T2, vector_tag >
tvmet::Fcnl_abs< T >UnaryFunctionals.h "tvmet/UnaryFunctionals.h"
tvmet::Fcnl_abs< std::complex< T > >
tvmet::Fcnl_acos< T >
tvmet::Fcnl_acosh< T >
tvmet::Fcnl_add< T1, T2 >
tvmet::Fcnl_add_eq< T1, T2 >
tvmet::Fcnl_and< T1, T2 >
tvmet::Fcnl_and_eq< T1, T2 >
Fcnl_arg> UnaryFunctionals.h "tvmet/UnaryFunctionals.h"
tvmet::Fcnl_arg< std::complex< T > >
tvmet::Fcnl_asin< T >
tvmet::Fcnl_asinh< T >
tvmet::Fcnl_assign< T1, T2 >Binary operator for assign operations
tvmet::Fcnl_atan< T >
tvmet::Fcnl_atan2< T1, T2 >
tvmet::Fcnl_atanh< T >
tvmet::Fcnl_bitand< T1, T2 >
tvmet::Fcnl_bitor< T1, T2 >
tvmet::Fcnl_bitxor< T1, T2 >
tvmet::Fcnl_cbrt< T >
tvmet::Fcnl_ceil< T >
tvmet::Fcnl_compl< T >
tvmet::Fcnl_conj< T >> UnaryFunctionals.h "tvmet/UnaryFunctionals.h" Functional for conj
tvmet::Fcnl_conj< std::complex< T > >
tvmet::Fcnl_cos< T >
tvmet::Fcnl_cosh< T >
tvmet::Fcnl_div< T1, T2 >
tvmet::Fcnl_div_eq< T1, T2 >
tvmet::Fcnl_drem< T1, T2 >
tvmet::Fcnl_eq< T1, T2 >
tvmet::Fcnl_erf< T >
tvmet::Fcnl_erfc< T >
tvmet::Fcnl_exp< T >
tvmet::Fcnl_expm1< T >
tvmet::Fcnl_fabs< double >
tvmet::Fcnl_fabs< float >
tvmet::Fcnl_fabs< long double >
tvmet::Fcnl_finite< T >
tvmet::Fcnl_floor< T >
tvmet::Fcnl_fmod< T1, T2 >
tvmet::Fcnl_greater< T1, T2 >
tvmet::Fcnl_greater_eq< T1, T2 >
tvmet::Fcnl_hypot< T1, T2 >
Fcnl_imag> UnaryFunctionals.h "tvmet/UnaryFunctionals.h"
tvmet::Fcnl_imag< std::complex< T > >
tvmet::Fcnl_isinf< T >
tvmet::Fcnl_isnan< T >
tvmet::Fcnl_j0< T >
tvmet::Fcnl_j1< T >
tvmet::Fcnl_jn< T1, T2 >
tvmet::Fcnl_labs< long int >
tvmet::Fcnl_less< T1, T2 >
tvmet::Fcnl_less_eq< T1, T2 >
tvmet::Fcnl_lgamma< T >
tvmet::Fcnl_log< T >
tvmet::Fcnl_log10< T >
tvmet::Fcnl_log1p< T >
tvmet::Fcnl_mod< T1, T2 >
tvmet::Fcnl_mod_eq< T1, T2 >
tvmet::Fcnl_mul< T1, T2 >
tvmet::Fcnl_mul_eq< T1, T2 >
tvmet::Fcnl_neg< T >
Fcnl_norm> UnaryFunctionals.h "tvmet/UnaryFunctionals.h"
tvmet::Fcnl_norm< std::complex< T > >
tvmet::Fcnl_not< T >
tvmet::Fcnl_not_eq< T1, T2 >
tvmet::Fcnl_or< T1, T2 >
tvmet::Fcnl_or_eq< T1, T2 >
tvmet::Fcnl_polar< T1, T2 >Functional for polar
tvmet::Fcnl_polar< T, T >
tvmet::Fcnl_pow< T1, T2 >
Fcnl_real> UnaryFunctionals.h "tvmet/UnaryFunctionals.h"
tvmet::Fcnl_real< std::complex< T > >
tvmet::Fcnl_rint< T >
tvmet::Fcnl_shl< T1, T2 >
tvmet::Fcnl_shl_eq< T1, T2 >
tvmet::Fcnl_shr< T1, T2 >
tvmet::Fcnl_shr_eq< T1, T2 >
tvmet::Fcnl_sin< T >
tvmet::Fcnl_sinh< T >
tvmet::Fcnl_sqrt< T >
tvmet::Fcnl_sub< T1, T2 >
tvmet::Fcnl_sub_eq< T1, T2 >
tvmet::Fcnl_swap< T1, T2 >Binary operator for swapping values using temporaries
tvmet::Fcnl_tan< T >
tvmet::Fcnl_tanh< T >
tvmet::Fcnl_xor_eq< T1, T2 >
tvmet::Fcnl_y0< T >
tvmet::Fcnl_y1< T >
tvmet::Fcnl_yn< T1, T2 >
tvmet::FunctionalBase class for all binary und unary functionals
tvmet::loop::gemm< Rows1, Cols1, Cols2 >Class for matrix-matrix product using loop unrolling
tvmet::meta::gemm< Rows1, Cols1, Cols2, K >Meta class for matrix-matrix operations, like product using formula

\[ M_1\,M_2 \]

tvmet::meta::gemm< 0, 0, 0, 0 >
tvmet::meta::gemmt< Rows1, Cols1, Cols2, K >Meta class for product matrix-transpose(matrix) operations
tvmet::loop::gemmt< Rows1, Cols1, Cols2 >Class for for product matrix-transpose(matrix) operations
tvmet::meta::gemmt< 0, 0, 0, 0 >
tvmet::meta::gemtm< Rows1, Cols1, Cols2, K >Meta class for trans(matrix)-matrix operations, like product
tvmet::loop::gemtm< Rows1, Cols1, Cols2 >Class for matrix-matrix product using loop unrolling
tvmet::meta::gemtm< 0, 0, 0, 0 >
tvmet::meta::gemtv< Rows, Cols, I >Meta class for matrix-transpose-vector operations
tvmet::loop::gemtv< Rows, Cols >Class for transposed(matrix)-vector product using loop unrolling
tvmet::meta::gemtv< 0, 0, 0 >
tvmet::meta::gemv< Rows, Cols, J >Meta class for matrix-vector operations
tvmet::loop::gemv< Rows, Cols >Class for matrix-vector product using loop unrolling
tvmet::meta::gemv< 0, 0, 0 >
tvmet::util::Incrementor< T >A simple incrementor class
tvmet::util::Incrementor< std::complex< T > >
tvmet::IndentLevelPrints the level indent
tvmet::IoPrintHelper< C >Determines the number of digits regarding the sign of the container
tvmet::meta::Matrix< Rows, Cols, M, N >Meta Matrix class using expression and meta templates
tvmet::loop::Matrix< Rows, Cols >Loop Matrix class using expression and loop templates
tvmet::Matrix< T, NRows, NCols >A tiny matrix class
tvmet::Matrix< T, NRows, NCols >::InfoStructure for info printing as Matrix<T, Rows, Cols>
tvmet::meta::Matrix< 0, 0, 0, 0 >
tvmet::matrix_tagFor use with Extremum to simplify max handling
tvmet::MatrixConstReference< T, NRows, NCols >Value iterator for ET
tvmet::NumericTraits< T >Traits for integral types for operations
tvmet::NumericTraits< char >
tvmet::NumericTraits< double >
tvmet::NumericTraits< float >
tvmet::NumericTraits< int >
tvmet::NumericTraits< long >
tvmet::NumericTraits< long double >
tvmet::NumericTraits< short int >
tvmet::NumericTraits< short unsigned int >
tvmet::NumericTraits< std::complex< double > >
tvmet::NumericTraits< std::complex< float > >
tvmet::NumericTraits< std::complex< int > >
tvmet::NumericTraits< std::complex< long > >
tvmet::NumericTraits< std::complex< long double > >
tvmet::NumericTraits< std::complex< unsigned int > >
tvmet::NumericTraits< std::complex< unsigned long > >
tvmet::NumericTraits< unsigned char >
tvmet::NumericTraits< unsigned int >
tvmet::NumericTraits< unsigned long >
tvmet::PrecisionTraits< T >Declaring ranks of types to avoid specializing
tvmet::PrecisionTraits< double >
tvmet::PrecisionTraits< float >
tvmet::PrecisionTraits< int >
tvmet::PrecisionTraits< long >
tvmet::PrecisionTraits< long double >
tvmet::PrecisionTraits< std::complex< double > >
tvmet::PrecisionTraits< std::complex< float > >
tvmet::PrecisionTraits< std::complex< int > >
tvmet::PrecisionTraits< std::complex< long > >
tvmet::PrecisionTraits< std::complex< long double > >
tvmet::PrecisionTraits< std::complex< unsigned int > >
tvmet::PrecisionTraits< std::complex< unsigned long > >
tvmet::PrecisionTraits< unsigned int >
tvmet::PrecisionTraits< unsigned long >
tvmet::promoteTo< T1, T2, promoteToT1 >Promote to T1
tvmet::promoteTo< T1, T2, 0 >
tvmet::PromoteTraits< T1org, T2org >Promote type traits
tvmet::util::Random< T, MIN, MAX >A simple random class
tvmet::util::TimerA quick& dirty portable timer, measures elapsed time
tvmet::TvmetBase< E >Base class Used for static polymorph call of print_xpr
tvmet::UnaryFunctionalBase class for all unary functions
tvmet::loop::Vector< Sz >Loop Vector class using expression and loop templates
tvmet::meta::Vector< Sz, K >Meta Vector class using expression templates
tvmet::Vector< T, Sz >Compile time fixed length vector with evaluation on compile time
tvmet::Vector< T, Sz >::InfoStructure for info printing as Vector<T, Size>
tvmet::meta::Vector< 0, 0 >
tvmet::vector_tagFor use with Extremum to simplify max handling
tvmet::VectorConstReference< T, Sz >Const value iterator for ET
tvmet::XprBinOp< BinOp, E1, E2 >Binary operators working on two sub expressions
tvmet::XprEval< E1, E2, E3 >Evaluate the expression
tvmet::XprIdentity< T, Rows, Cols >Expression for the identity matrix
tvmet::XprLiteral< T >Specify literals like scalars into the expression
tvmet::XprMatrix< E, NRows, NCols >Represents the expression for vectors at any node in the parse tree
tvmet::XprMatrixCol< E, Rows, Cols >Expression on matrix used for access on the column vector
tvmet::XprMatrixDiag< E, Sz >Expression on matrix used for access on the diagonal vector
tvmet::XprMatrixRow< E, Rows, Cols >Expression on matrix used for access on the row vector
tvmet::XprMatrixTranspose< E >Expression for transpose matrix
tvmet::XprMMProduct< E1, Rows1, Cols1, E2, Cols2 >Expression for matrix-matrix product
tvmet::XprMMProductTransposed< E1, Rows1, Cols1, E2, Cols2 >Expression for transpose(matrix-matrix product)
tvmet::XprMMtProduct< E1, Rows1, Cols1, E2, Cols2 >Expression for matrix-matrix product
tvmet::XprMtMProduct< E1, Rows1, Cols1, E2, Cols2 >Expression for product of transposed(matrix)-matrix product
tvmet::XprMtVProduct< E1, Rows, Cols, E2 >Expression for matrix-transposed vector product using formula

\[ M^T\,v \]

tvmet::XprMVProduct< E1, Rows, Cols, E2 >Expression for matrix-vector product using formula

\[ M\,v \]

tvmet::XprNullNull object design pattern
tvmet::XprUnOp< UnOp, E >Unary operator working on one subexpression
tvmet::XprVector< E, Sz >Represents the expression for vectors at any node in the parse tree