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tvmet::util::Timer Class Reference

#include <tvmet/util/Timer.h>

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Detailed Description

A quick& dirty portable timer, measures elapsed time.

It is recommended that implementations measure wall clock rather than CPU time since the intended use is performance measurement on systems where total elapsed time is more important than just process or CPU time.

The accuracy of timings depends on the accuracy of timing information provided by the underlying platform, and this varies from platform to platform.

Public Types

typedef double time_t

Public Member Functions

 Timer ()
 starts the timer immediatly.
void restart ()
 restarts the timer
time_t elapsed () const
 return elapsed time in seconds

Private Member Functions

 Timer (const Timer &)
Timeroperator= (const Timer &)
time_t getTime () const

Private Attributes

time_t m_start_time

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef double tvmet::util::Timer::time_t

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

tvmet::util::Timer::Timer ( const Timer  )  [private]

tvmet::util::Timer::Timer (  )  [inline]

starts the timer immediatly.

Member Function Documentation

Timer& tvmet::util::Timer::operator= ( const Timer  )  [private]

void tvmet::util::Timer::restart (  )  [inline]

restarts the timer

time_t tvmet::util::Timer::elapsed (  )  const [inline]

return elapsed time in seconds

time_t tvmet::util::Timer::getTime (  )  const [inline, private]

Member Data Documentation

time_t tvmet::util::Timer::m_start_time [private]